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Creative Brief & Logo


Long time friends Jeff Baird and Josh Ochoa approached me with an idea, to help them launch a sports nutrition company for them. This company was going to be focused on, creating nutritional supplements such as protein powder, dietary pills, and other goods. I began speaking with them more about the project while they were gathering pricing and information from suppliers, that would create the supplements. In the mean time I told them to just start with a few shirt designs to get the market noticing their name. We decided to create a shirt that said "F#%KING DEADLIFT." After getting a few printed and distributed to friends the company just took off and exploded with shirt designs. They devoted their dedication to solely create apparel for the fitness industry. The company did have its troubles, and did close up. But it was a great experience for me to work on a professional level with some of my best friends, while we all made some money!


Shirt Designs