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Creative Brief & Logo

Record Pal is a mobile application designed to connect record collectors, with one another. Using user location, to help collectors connect with people in their area, or help if you're planning to travel or visiting certain cities. Record Pal takes the hassles of selling groups from social media, and makes it a 1 on 1 personal buying, selling, and trading experience. The problem I faced is there is currently no other applications in comparison with Record Pal, which also works in my advantage to being the first of its kind.

Primary Features

  • Allow users of the application to be able to find local vinyl collectors near them.
  •  Users are able to upload pictures of records from their personal collection, of items that are for sale, or for trade.
  • Traveling? Before you leave to your destination enable Record Pal notifications to keep it’s GPS tracker out for near by record stores, and collectors while on your journey.
  • Be notified as you’re traveling via your phone, or a smart watch tap.

Secondary Features

  • Find record stores in different cities
  • Allow users to either share or make contact information public or hidden, for other users to contact and ask questions regard purchases or trade.
  • To interact a person must be registered with an account before allowed to contact or before profile visibility is shown, but shows products available for purchase to “tease” people to register.
  • To sell: Sellers can either choose from a % fee of amount of sale OR can subscribe to a yearly plan

Target Audience

  • Males & Females
  • 18 – 25 years of age
  • 30+
  • Hipsters
  • Swapmeat Record Collectors


  • Logo
  • Persona
  • Website layout
  • App Layout


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Logo Development

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Store Front Trading Center

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