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Creative Brief & Logo

Ruthless Vapor Corporation, is a Southern California e-juice manufacture company that has transformed the vaping industry from the very beginning of its rise in popularity. Comprised of the biggest vape enthusiast to ever exist, Ruthless is dedicated to creating the best e-juice combinations with the finest ingredients. Ruthless Vapor manufactures e-juice for more than 70+ companies worldwide, and is among the top 90% in the entire vape industry. During my time at Ruthless Vapor Corporation, one of my first tasks was coming up with, and creating the Ruthless Rewind label design.(Pictured below) I also helped the creative team of more than 15 with tasks such as: creating Instagram posts & stories, menu cards, trade show exhibits, post cards, email marketing, website graphics, product development, packaging design, and much more. These are only some of the designs.

All designs were created by me. Except logo. I did a lot more during my time at Ruthless Vapor Corporation, but was unable to retrieve files, upon position being eliminated at the company.

Ruthless - Instagram Posts

Ruthless - Instagram Stories

Ruthless Rewind - Label Design